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Specialist Procedures


Client:  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:  £3.5m

Main Contractor:  Cuffe Plc


This MR LINAC is part of a pioneering global project to combine MRI and Linear Accelerator technologies. Once construction is complete the machine is planned to undergo 2 years of testing before being available to the first patients. 


The new technology will accurately locate tumours, tailor the shape of X-ray beams in real time and preciseley deliver the intended doses of radiation to tumours. As the tumours move, the MRLINAC continuously provides images to ensure the radiation keeps targetting the intended tumour.

Cyber Knife

Client:  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:  £1.7m

Main Contractor:  Cuffe Plc


Cyberknife differs from other forms of radiation as it can deliver concentrated doses with a pinpoint accuracy targeting only the effected areas.  The unit is housed in a specially built shielded bunker.


The ‘CyberKnife’ project pictured is one of a number of projects the practice has completed at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Chelsea, the leading specialist cancer hospital, during the last few years.


The particular project was recently featured in the BBC2 Horizon programme together with robotic surgery, another of the practice’s projects.


Major Radiotherapy - Linear Accelerators

​Client:  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:  £12 million

Main Contractor:  Mansell Construction Services Ltd


“Our lovely Radiotherapy project is still the best space in the hospital and the atrium that significant space we craved for the Trust. We are looking after it! “ Jan Balyckyi, Radiotherapy Services Director.


Creation of this new department as an extension to the existing, at basement level, involved excavation of 20,000m³ of chalk from the continually sloping site. 

Our principal objectives were to maximize daylight to an area some 12.0m below ground which has been achieved to spectacular effect through a number of strategically located roof lights.

Read the building design magazine review here.


Linear Accelerator

Client:  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:  £1m

Main Contractor:  MEC Construction Ltd


This refurbishment of an existing radiotherapy bunker suite facilitated the installation of the latest high output Linear Accelerator cancer treatment equipment. Alterations to the concrete maze complex were carried out along with the introduction of several tons of additional steel shielding to the control  areas. A skylight was introduced bringing natural light down into control areas and a treatment review room was added. The associated patient environment facilities were also reconfigured to provide new changing and waiting area. The new facilities afford a faster and more accurate treatment, increasing throughput and recovery rates.

Hybrid Theatre

Client:  Royal Brompton and Hareflild NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value: £3million

Main Contractor:  Logan Construction Ltd


Ansell and Bailey have now added to their hybrid portfolio with a new large Hybrid Theatre at the Royal Brompton. It is a state of the art 80m2 operating theatre with the C-Arm imaging capability of a Cath Lab. This enables a patient to have a greater number procedures in the same session, and being less invasive, less time is spent in recovery and multiple hospital visits are avoided. 

The works were carried out on a tight, live site where positive and proactive relationships between the client, design team and contractor were critical to ensuring successful delivery of the challenging project. The end users were delighted with the final product. 


Fluoroscopy / Endoscopy
St Mary's Hospital

Client:  Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Project Value:  £5 m

Main Contractor:  Kier


The new Endoscopy fit out at St Mary’s QEQM building was completed using the P21+ Procurement route. The brief required 4 procedure rooms including Fluoroscopy and Bronchoscopy. 3 enema prep rooms with en-suites and 17 recovery bays including 1 isolation room were approved for EMSA compliance. A dirty dispatch was included for an off-site decontamination strategy.


The users were delighted with the new facility.


Fluoroscopy / Endoscopy
Hammersmith Hospital

Client:  Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Project Value:  £3 m

Main Contractor:  Logan Construction


This is a 3 room endoscopy unit with 12 bay recovery area and decontamination facility for endoscope cleaning. The estates team and users are very happy with the facility and Ansell and Bailey were subsequently asked to design a 4 endoscopy room unit at St Mary’s based on the successful Hammersmith scheme. Imperial project manager Chris Jones commented:


"Of particular note were Ansell and Bailey’s unusual & innovative solutions to layouts & circulation spaces.... 

Staff & patients continue to be pleased with busy spaces that are aesthetically pleasing & JAG compliant."

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