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Our BIM methodology has been built upon the central principle that engagement of people is the most important part of Building Information Modelling. Please contact us to receive your comprehensive free guide to our BIM process.

Building Information Modelling

What is BIM?

There are many definitions of the term Building Information Modelling (BIM). In its most simplistic meaning Building Information Modelling can be defined as:

“A value creating collaboration through the entire life cycle of a building, which is supported by the creation, collation and data exchange of shared 3D models as well as intelligent and organised data which is attached to the model.”


The Benefits of BIM:

The key to realising the benefits of BIM are through a collaborative approach. Ensuring the right people get the right information in the right time. We will ensure that during the project life cycle, the benefits of BIM will be fully utilised to improve project productivity and create a number of benefits for the client.

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Primary benefits to using BIM

  • Through a more dynamic design and knowledgeable team there is a reduction in risk.

  • The project duration will be shorter.

  • Collaboration of a full project team at an early stage allows for a clearer understanding of project objectives and deliverables, allowing for better communication and decision making throughout the project.

  • With the use of clash detection and good coordination the level of accuracy will be greater and issues identified at an earlier stage, creating time and cost savings.

(3D) Design

  • Greater certainty of design coordination = More validated design.

  • Sub-contractors will integrate into the same model making the integration more effective and reliable.

  • Effective collaboration allows better design and engineered solution. Thus creating cost savings and time reductions.

  • Energy analysis can be performed early in the project stage identifying any changes that need to be made.

  • Improved decision making through a more effective design collaboration.

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(4D) Program Design

  • Good communication and collaboration on site problems reduced and more likely to create a solution that works first time around.

  • Better understanding of design issues allowing for a more efficient design program.

  • More predictability in the project delivery.

  • More ideal construction program created.

(5D) Cost and Procurement

  • Through BIM there is an opportunity for earlier cost certainty within a project.

  • Creating more opportunity for faster and more accurate estimates and reducing time waiting.

  • More accurate quantity analysis and a more improved construction procurement and better manufacturing performance.

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