Rubbish information? Its time to BIM it!


BIM to level 2 is now mandatory for all government projects. Introducing BIM throughout your organisation can seem daunting, however Ansell and Bailey can help you though the process, not only in terms of mandatory compliance, but we will also help you to realise the practical benefits as quickly as possible.

Client Advantages

Opportunities to improve project programming and capital costs.
One stop shop for your building data. One model holding all building information.
Gradually build a complete 3 dimensional model of your entire estate, housing consolidated information for building projects, facilities management and maintenance purposes.
Pull off schedules, assign maintenance regimes, check product data, specifications, finishes colours, create work schedules, check dimensional areas, and more all in one program.
Integrate with specialist software to simulate complex scenarios such as emergency evacuation, or the effect of a new facility on pedestrian flows throughout the estate.

Risks of Non-engagement

Any lack of clarity in the Employer Information Requirements (EIR’s) especially with regards to identifying roles and responsibilities will increase risks of design and construction stage disputes.
Poor or incorrect EIR’s will mean noncompliance with mandatory protocol and PAS1192:2
Correcting deficient EIR’s late in the design or construction process may be costly in time and money.
A non-compliant BIM due to deficient EIR’s may mean the model cannot be used successfully or efficiently by the estates, maintenance and facilities teams post completion.

How We Can Help

To ensure that your current and future projects result in a Building Information Model (BIM) that is created to a high level of detail and ready to work with your current or future maintenance strategy and software, you need to ensure your BIM Employers Information Requirements (EIR’s) are clear and appropriate in all of your consultant appointments and construction project contracts, whilst also ensuring the EIR is compliant with PAS 1192:2, BS1192:2007 and the Protocol in place. So even if your facilities management and maintenance is not yet set up for BIM, the first step is to make sure your capital projects are.

Meet with you and your team to understand what you know, what you don’t.
Identify any missing information that needs to be researched and any further meetings with specialist users that may need to take place.
Following conclusion of the information exchange, we will create a BIM strategy document to be implemented throughout your organisation.
We will create a template EIR document for your project use.
We will create a user guide of the BIM protocol for your internal use.

Establishing your EIR’s is not difficult if you know how. We will guide you in creating your EIR’s to ensure that your BIM will be at level 2 mandated requirement’s, ready for your estates team to use throughout the life of the facility.

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