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Outpatients facilities

Teaching Dental Facility

Client:  Logan Construction for Queen Mary University London

Project Value: £1 million


This refurbishment of the Guttman building in the Olympic Village created a state of the art dental facility for Queen Mary University London and BARTS. The unit includes 4 sedation bays and 2 x-ray rooms.  


Every inch of space was put to good efficient use to give the Facility the best value for money. The users were very happy with the bright open plan space. 


Client:  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:  £2.2m

Main Contractor:  Cuffe Plc


This refurbishment and extension for the Royal Marsden Hospital, Chelsea, involved the conversion of offices in to a ‘Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre’ (RDAC).

The RDAC consists of consult/exam rooms; mammography, ultrasound and a clean procedures room. Planning permission was for a new entrance and to add a new external 4-storey lift.

Significant structural alterations enabled a new double height space. This light filled space is the focus for RDAC, and contains a new dedicated steel and glass staircase. The entrance lobby is bounded by double height structural glass walls and a feature wall clad in combed bluestone tiles. 

Medical Day Unit

Client:  The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value: £3 million

Main Contractor:  Cuffe PLC


The project was part refurbishment and part new build. The elevational treatment of the curtain walling was designed to harmonise the old and the new facades.

Through extensive patient consultation the treatment area layout was developed to suit different patients needs.  Ten of the eighteen bays were grouped in a circular layout with the nurse base as the focal.  This provided a visual connection for the patients with each other and the staff.  Six of the bays were arranged to face outwards – providing a view and privacy.  For added privacy “intelligent glass” dividers were placed between the bays. Two private rooms were provided for patients requiring more intensive medical care.

Sexual Health Clinic

Client:  King’s College Hospital

Project Value: £695,000

Main Contractor:  Frencon Construction


In 2008 The Camberwell Sexual Health Centre at King’s College Hospital was awarded a prize at the Health Service Journal awards, the most prestigious healthcare management awards in the NHS. 


The judges praised the project as being "ambitious and innovative", with an "impressive range of user and client involvement"


This merging of public and private spaces encourages choice of experience while maintaining a sense of openness. As such, the consultation pods ‘grow’ from the walls, protruding and retracting to create a variety of spaces, which engage the visitors. 

Lewisham Midwifery Led Birthing Centre

Client:  University Hospital Lewisham

Project Value:  £550,000

Main Contractor:  Apollo (Fit Out)


The Birth Centre is designed to provide a relaxed  ‘home-like’ environment to give birth as naturally as possible. 

There are five en-suite birthing rooms (three with fixed birthing pools) and all rooms have aids, such as balls, support slings and bean bags.

Each room also has a resuscitaire concealed behind fixed furniture, to maintain the non-clinical feel.

The building was a 1980's modular unit, which was stripped completely back to the primary structure. Structural strengthening was carried out and the envelope was re-insulated and re-clad before the internal fit out works began.

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