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23 Hour Assessment Unit and Emergency Department

Client:  Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:  £12m construction cost Tags: Healthcare Architects London UK. Medical Architecture. 

Ansell and Bailey (A&B) were appointed to design the new Emergency Department (ED) and adjacent assessment unit for The Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust (RFL) while maintaining a live service throughout the works. Existing facilities within the site were inadequate and did not allow for the significantly increased number of patient flow expected over the next 10 years.

During the design stage, A&B visited a healthcare conference in the USA with the Trust and heads of the user working group. This visit provided valuable information on up and coming design practices within ED design, information which was directly transferable to the new RFL ED.  Key points included improving patient flow with measures aimed at preventing the patient from ‘returning’ rather ‘moving forward‘ through the department. This idea of flow helped develop the use of chair centric or ‘waiting pods’  - individual smaller seated bays for patients awaiting results or requiring occasional monitoring, thus freeing up trolley bays for sicker patients. Design development also addressed the need to maintain the patients circadian rhythm by introducing light panels mimicking natural daylight and the ever increasing need to accommodate dementia patients with specific finishes to help improve the patient experience.

  Children's Emergency Department:

   Contract 1 included the recently completed children’s ED with consulting rooms, four bed observation unit and separate isolation and mental health rooms:

  Outpatient Clinic:

   Contract 1 also included a new six consulting room outpatient clinic associated with the ED, staff rest, changing and office facilities for the new department:

  24/7 Out of Hours Entrance:

   Contract 1 began with the creation of a new 24/7 out of hours entrance which included relocating security and the entire hospitals CCTV command centre:

  Urgent Care Department:

   Accessed from the new entrance is the new Urgent Care department consisting of four consulting rooms and two treatment rooms.

Contract 2

Contract 2 is beginning on site with Logan construction July 2016. It is a phased refurbishment and extension, totals approximately 2620 m². Works are due to start on site in the summer of 2016 and run for 18 months.

Works will included the new ED majors department with 16 separate bays each with sliding glass doors with break out facility for emergency’s, 8 chair centric bays, 2 isolation suites and 2 dedicated mental health rooms. The area will also create a dedicated ED lab, relatives and counselling rooms and normal ancillary spaces.

Adjacent to the majors bays will be the Rapid Assessment and Treatment unit. Accommodating 6 individual reception bays separated by glass doors including a dedicated isolation room and 3 consulting rooms for triage assessment accessed off the waiting room.

The centre of the new ED will incorporate a new imaging department including 2 x-rays and CT suite with direct access from the new 6 bay resus unit, again including a dedicated isolation bay. 

The final phase of works allow for a new 30 bed assessment ward with 6 single bedrooms,  minor procedure room, ADL suite, dedicated lab and staff teaching space.